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About Us

The present day, more than ever requires unlimited and steady supply of power for the growth of enterprises, unhindered operation of businesses and rising technological demands and usage. Being the leader in Power Solutions in the Middle East, Aleph Technologies ensures reliable supply of Energy and high quality Equipments to Industries and Infrastructures, providing a hassle-free space for businesses to grow and develop.

Our Solutions

Aleph Technologies offer expertise in the field of Static Power Conversion, Power Conditioning Devices, Rectifiers, Inverters, UPS, Batteries, Ozone Systems, Solar and Lighting solutions, in both the Middle East and African markets. We are continually updated with the changing requirements in the field of Power Supply and strive to ensure the prompt availability of best quality products to our customers. Our products are recognized for their Reliable Performance, Operability, Serviceability and Low Life-cycle Cost.

More About Us

Through the Integrated Technology Solutions and 24/7 Customer Support, we help companies Streamline Operations, Reduce Shrinkage and comply with the Regulatory requirements.  Our services cover various Industries, large Corporations and SMEs.

We offer round the clock Emergency Repair Services for all Critical Power Equipments including UPS, Battery replacements and DC Plant repairs.  Our team of certified professionals specialize in Power Ware UPS Repair, variety of Battery Services and also service of other brands when required.

Our team at Aleph Tech provide end customers with unparalleled support and first-rate service to safe-guard their capital and ensure its continued efficient use.

In the unlikely event of repairs or breakdowns, our Technicians provide immediate support, keeping the equipment downtime to a minimum. Flexible maintenance contracts are offered for equipments following the period of warranty. These help to cover the cost of parts and labor, including maintenance visits, emergency visits and technical supports.


Solar Water Pumps

The Aleph tech ACSP Solar Pumping Systems are specifically designed for water supply and irrigation in remote areas where no reliable electricity supply is available. The ASCP water pumping systems have an operational range of 2m3 (2000 liters) to 208m3 (208,000 litres) per day, with pumping depths of upto 120 metres (395 feet). The submersible pumps are designed to fit into walls as small as 100mm (4 inches) in diameter, with larger flows requiring 150mm (6 inches) diameter walls.

Product Features

  • Extremely long life
  • Unattended operation
  • Easy installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Good quality water 24 hours a day

Portable Ozone Generators

Aleph Tech’s range of ozone generators are the designed for use in a range of environments, from cars, in houses, hotel rooms, boats etc. They are available in medium to small sizes and can even work on a battery pack.

Product Description

  • Features: Small and Medium Systems with regulated power supplies and cord to use in vehicles, residential purposes.
  • Supply Gas & Generation Method: Supply gas is ambient air; High frequency corona discharge  ozone generation is used; provides high output
  • Ozone output: Small Systems – 450mg/hr max; Medium Systems – 950mg/hr max
  • Controls: The controls are standard for both systems  – power on/off switch, fully continuously adjustable output and fan  control
  • Cabinet: High strength PVC cabinet with stainless steel inner chasis
  • Maintenance: Minimal

Solar Powered Hybrid Power Bank (10000mAh)

Product Features

  • Specifically designed for laptops and notebooks
  • Charge booth for laptop and mobile devices available
  • Two USB output support
  • LED Flash light
  • Fashionable design


  • Battery capacity = 10000mAh
  • Power Source = USB
  • Output power = DC 5V-1A, DC 5V – 2.1A
  • Power input = DC 5V-1A

Power Bank – 20000 mAh


  • Battery Capacity: 20,000mAh power bank with LG battery cells
  • 1x 10 W (5V, 2A) Micro-USB input
  • 1 x 10.5W (5V, 2.1A) USB Output
  • 1 x 5W (5V, 1A) USB output
  • Digital power display
  • Pass through charging: No
  • Auto-on/off: Yes
  • Carry case: No
  • LED Flashlight: No
  • Size: 173 x 12 x 120mm
  • Weight: 537g

Power Bank – 50000 mAh


  • Battery Capacity: 50000mAh
  • Input 1: Micro USb 5V/2100mA
  • Input 2: DC 14-20V/2000
  • Output 1: Micro USB 5V/1000mA, 2100mA
  • Type: Long time battery mobile phone power bank 50000mAh
  • Recharge Cycles: Charge to 100% more than 500 times
  • LED Indicators: 4 battery capacity level LED indicators

Aleph HS (4.5Ah – 28Ah)

Aleph HS series is designed for standby use, with 5-year design life in float service. The main features of the service battery are High Consistency, excellent Performance and reliable Standby Service life. It is widely used in UPS/EPS, Medical Equipment, Emergency Light and Security System.


Product Features

  • Low self-discharge
  • Fully tank formed plates
  • Low impurity electrolyte
  • Spill proof/leak proof
  • Multi-position usage
  • ABS case and cover VO upon request
  • Very good Power to Weight ratio

Control Transformers

Control transformers are widely used for industrial applications such as Electrical Panels or PLC power supplies. Aleph Tech transformers are compatible with international standards and are ISO9000 quality management system certified.


Product Specifications

  • High permeable iron core
  • High quality copper or aluminum windings
  • Class 1 transformer
  • Excellent voltage regulation
  • High short time power
  • Vacuum impregnated varnish to ensure silent and moisture-immune operation
  • CE sign and compatibility with EN 61558 2-2
  • Manufactured under ISO 9000 quality management


Pure sine wave voltage Inverters provide clean, stable power for computers, radios, home theatre, stereo, marine equipment and other applications that are sensitive to AC voltage irregularity.

With newest technology, DC to AC true sine wave Inverters offer superior performance and supports a wide range of appliances and equipments. The very clean and interference free output of Alephtech Inverters ensures stable operation of sensitive equipments like displays, test equipment and battery chargers. Moreover, its superior mechanical design and reliability factor make it the Number One choice for customers.

Designed for an extremely long lifespan and protected against short circuits, overloading and high temperatures, the new series of Inverters will provide lasting trouble free operations. The latest technology results in extremely efficient operation with ‘no load’ consumption.

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We believe in reaching out to the different markets through the local agents who have knowledge of the regional market, its trends and demands. Aleph Technologies is happy to join hands with various Distributors to facilitate availability and supply of our products to the different regions of the Middle East & Africa.

Some of the main opportunities presented by Aleph Technologies to vendors are:

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